20 March 2017

US Injustice: Veteran Navy Officer, Medical Doctor Gets 18 Years in Jail for Healing with Plants, While Child Raping Cop Gets Only 3 Years

Brexit Happening: Article 50 to Be Triggered on March 29th

EU Taxpayers Brace as Bank Crisis Deepens Euro-TARP on Angel Dust!

EuroZone Turmoil: Spain, Italy and Greece Owe Massive Debt of 1Trillion to ECB

Politics and Economics, NOT Religion, Spawned Radical Islam

Global Famine Begins: United Nations Announced that ...

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19 March 2017

South Pacific Islands Celebrate World Water Day 22 March No Water No Life

US Tillerson Ends China Trip: Put Aside Differences Work Together Regarding North Korea

3 US Army Soldiers Shot & Wounded Inside Base in Afghanistan

Peru: State of Emergency Flooding, Dozens Dead Over 110,000 Homes Gone (VID) Independent Investigative Report Dahboo77

EC Entrenches Dangerous ISDS System Global Super Court For Corporations To Subvert Democracy

NY Assemblyman Unveils Non-government Non-approved Freedom ...

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15 March 2017

Dutch General Election Results: Prime Minister Rutte Wins, Wilders’ Freedom Party Slides

Dutch Election Live Coverage Begins 2pm Eastern

Why Fragmentation Is the Solution, Not the Problem

Beijing, Philippines Sign $1.7 Billion Trade Deal

Earthquake M5.3 – 85km SSW of Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska 2017-03-15 22:19:43 UTC 30.9 km depth

Edward Snowden Has Some Advice for Donald Trump About Surveillance

Somalia: Oil Tanker Hijacked by Pirates Asking for Ransom

What ...

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13 March 2017

White House Seeks to Cut Billions in Funding for United Nations

CBO: American Health Care Act Will Reduce Deficit By $337 Billion

Full English/Scot Brexit

USS Nimitz Transits Puget Sound Ready to COMPTUEX Before Departing for Deployment Probably heading to Western Pacific Ocean, South China Sea

Russian Aircraft (MiG-31s/Su-24s) Were Urgently Transferred to Western Siberia After a Sudden Check

Trump Administration Reviewing Ways to Make it Easier to Launch Drone Strikes Read More


12 March 2017

Full Doc: CIA’s Custom Mesh Network System ‘Fluxwire’Used for malware control and exfiltration. #Vault7

Activism Media Intel Report 12 March 2017 will be posted today, if you missed last weeks, a good idea to catch up Intel Report 5 March 2017 The DeepState saga continues, lots of drama this past week. And ALL good, as the collective shadow rises to the surface, for purification.

CIA Stresses Loyalty to the Agency Over Loyalty to the Constitution

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11 March 2017

USA Senator Rand Paul Introduces Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s ‘Stop Arming Terrorists Act’ in Senate

Syrian President Assad: US Military Forces in Syria are ‘Invaders’ Assad was democratically elected in Syria by a landslide. Independent Journalist Eva Bartlett tells the truth about Syria at UN Press ConferenceThe Syrian War Explained

US Deploying Thousands More Ground Troops to Kuwait to Fight in Iraq, Syria

Leaked WikiLeaks #Vault7 Docs Show FBI Investigated Ties Between Mafia, ...

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