20 August 2017

EmergenE Creativity for the Common Good

Winners of MIT Media Lab Disobedience Awards 2017: Focus #WaterIsLife  In recognition and honor of Aaron Swartz

How to watch tomorrows solar eclipse online: 21 August 10:16AM 2 mins 40 seconds

Spoiler Alert: Computer Simulations Provide Preview of Upcoming Eclipse

Chasing Eclipses Across the Globe Is a Way of Life for Some

What is the Last Lakota Prophecy Still to be Realized?  Great white flash of light in the sky, ash/fire reign. Next day new grass grew, waters clear!

Ancient Native #BlackSnake Prophecy is 8 of 9 Hopi/Lakota Prophecies  The first 7 have all come into fruition.

It’s not over! #NoDAPL  #WaterIsLife

US Lawmakers Draft Bill Protecting Cryptocurrencies from Gov Interference

The New Silk Road: China’s Economic Priorities Become Official  Links 60+ countries thro infrastructure projects.

Assad Says No Relations With Syria for Countries Backing Rebels

Several Reported Injured as Rocket Fire Targets Syria’s 1st International Fair Since 2011

‘Syrian War Effectively Over’ key advisor of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Bouthaina Shaaban today declared

Confidential UN Report Suggests Saudi-Led Coalition Failing in Yemen

Yemenis Kick Off US-Israel Boycott with Massive March

Revealed: An FBI Probe, an ISIL Plot, and a Welsh Firm Caught in the Fallout

US Governors to Jeff Sessions: Hands Off Our Weed

The Future Is Created In Your Hands #TinaMalia #LostFrontier Music Video

And to enlighten thee gave eyes to see. -Chester Cicada

Be the Alchemist who transforms judgement into #kindness, hatred into #forgiveness, fears into #love.- Alexandra Domelle

Love Conquers All  #SophiaMusik

Sun Rise, Moon Rose: The New Mythmaker Begins #Unanimous

Astrophysicist Predicts Detached, Eclipsing White Dwarfs to Merge into Exotic Star Emitting Gravitational Waves

AI Implications: Engineer’s Model Lays Groundwork for Machine-learning Device #NanoCrystal #NeuralNetworks

East Antarctic Ice Sheet to Remain Stable Even If Western Ice Sheet Melts, Study

Astrophysicists Explain the Mysterious Behavior of Cosmic Rays

Earthquake M5.1 – East of the North Island of New Zealand 2017-08-20 23:37:33 UTC 10.0 km depth
Earthquake M5.1 – 32km SW of Pueblo Nuevo Tiquisate, Guatemala 2017-08-20 23:29:02 UTC 59.4 km depth
Earthquake M5.1 – 28km N of Subtanjalla, Peru 2017-08-20 17:42:15 UTC 71.1 km depth

Solar Flare, Eruptions, Nova Science | Space Weather News 20 August 2017

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