17 August 2017

Things are not getting worse. They are getting uncovered! We must hold each other & continue to pull back the veil.

Assange Statement on US Congressman Meeting (mtg requested by Congressman)

Statement on meeting U.S. Congressman @DanaRohrabacher yesterday

Trump Jr. Follows @JulianAssange Is A Presidential Pardon Is In The Works – Sparks Corporate DeepState Media Frenzy

Albert Einstein, Monthly Review (May 1949) “#Usury on ‘money’ is the root cause. Everything else is noise.”

Three Ukrainian Politicians Admit to Having Over $50 Million in Bitcoins

With Bannon Out, Is War With North Korea More Likely: Here Are The Scenarios

Before Trump, Clinton Democrats Invoked the Term ‘Alt-Left’ to Demonize Critics

Iranian Opposition Leader Begins Hunger Strike to Demand Public Trial

#CityWars NATO Seeks Concepts for Waging Urban Conflict

CIA ‘torture psychologists’ Avoid Trial with Secret Settlement

Saudis Increasing Yemen Airstrikes, Killing More Civilians

Why Being Called A “Cuck” No Longer Bothers Me

Local Black Farmer’s Response to Charlottesville Exposes a Much Larger Problem

Duterte, Recipient of Trump Praise, Just Threatened to Shoot Human Rights Activists

CIA Ran Brothels in San Francisco and Other Cities and Dosed the Johns with LSD as Part of its MKULTRA Program

North Korea Predicts ‘Catastrophe’ As Massive U.S. War Games Begin Monday

Saudi Royal Adviser Calls for Twitter User to Help Create ‘Blacklist’ of Qatar Sympathizers

US Ignores China’s Warning About Inciting Tension Across East Asia

Saudi Arabia Is Destroying an Entire Country — and the US Is Helping Them Do It

Thousands March Against Hate in Charlottesville, Philadelphia and Berlin

Assange Vows To Prove That Russia Was Not His Source In 3-Hour Meeting With Congressman

Tornado Throws Iraq Girl From Refugee Camp Into the Sky

3 Criminal Banksters Have Been Sentenced to Death!

Florida Prisons — All Of Them — On Lockdown

The FDA Wants to Know What You Think About CBD

Major Media Now Notice Bitcoin Growth and Advocate Buying

Beginning today, Facebook will run commercial breaks in the middle of publishers’ in-stream videos. #DitchFaceBook

Indonesia: 60 Killed As Police Shootings of Drug Suspects Skyrocket

A Military Option For Venezuela Puts Rubio In Imaginary Crosshairs

Catastrophic Crisis: Yemenis Forced to Choose Between Treating Cholera and Eating

Nigerian Man Hacked Thousands of Global Oil & Gas and Energy Firms

“Regulators propose $15k penalty for Dakota Access Pipeline over indigenous artifacts controvrsy. This is close to nothing. Beyond insulting.” Lee Camp

BP’s Solution to an Amazon Reef Spill Is a Chemical That Kills Coral Reefs

Tensions Between China and India Continue to Escalate as Soldiers Clash on Border

YouTube Admits ‘Wrong Call’ Over Deletion of Syrian War Crime Videos

Trump Dumps Bannon

Liberty has a way of of kicking ass upon those who take advantage of Her… wait for it… or be a part of Herstory!

Consider: Whatever u judge of another, is a projection of something internal. Heal it within & it disappears in the other… #Alchemy101

Give a man a twitter handle and you see who he really is 😉

You didn’t come this far, to only come this far… love what you see in the mirror!

#Cicada3301 Greatest puzzle in history prime magicas, seek/be found, liberty/joy the result!

“Looking forward 2 sharing the #LoveSummit2017 stage w/ 20+ revolutionary business, gov & thought leaders.” -John Perkins

F*ck All the World Noise: Pause for an Honest Meditation  #ComedyActivism

Earthquake M5.2 – Ascension Island region 2017-08-17 08:52:25 UTC 10.0 km depth

Incredible Plasma Dance/Coronal Cavity | Space Weather News 17 August 2017

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