9 July 2017

North Korea Warns of Nuclear War After US Aircraft Conduct ‘Provocative’ Live-Fire Drill

Putin Flies 300 Miles in Wrong Direction to Avoid NATO Airspace on Way to G20 Summit

G20 Madness: Protests Rage on in Hamburg

Presidents Putin and Moon discuss North Korea, ‘must keep cool heads’

New York Times Finally Corrects Bogus Claim That Iran ‘Sponsored’ 9/11 Attacks

US is Developing One of its Biggest Military Bases in Southern Syria (surrounded by various smaller outposts)

Kuwait Airways Says US Laptop Ban Lifted

Yellowstone Giant Geyser Erupts First Time In Two Years

‘To Live’ A Book We Are Fulfilling Today

Alien Bodies Discovered Near Nazca Lines, Peru – Humanity’s Choice Point as Cosmic Adults

This is How YouTube Kills Free Speech

Return to Innocence

Solar Storm Shockwave, Explosion, Solar Flare | Space Weather News 9 July 2017

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