8 July 2017

Everybody Knows… #UnifyEvolution

Russia, Syria, & U.S. Declare CEASEFIRE! – Media Silent

Sabotage? Assange #G20 Talk in Hamburg Last Night Has Audience Evacuated Minutes Before Start by Fake Emergency

11 Scenes That Prove All Hell Is Actually Breaking Loose at the G20 Summit

Putin Reveals What He Discussed With Trump In Two-Hour Long First Meeting

What They’re NOT Telling You About The Vatican Sex Raids

From Pizzagate to Gold Rigging

If We Are Serious About Peace, We Must Take Women Seriously  There has not been a UN’s Women’s World Conference since Beijing Women’s Conference in 1995.

WikiLeaks #Vault7 Releases #BothanSpy  BothanSpy and Gyrfalcon projects of the CIA. The implants described in both projects are designed to intercept and ex-filtrate SSH credentials but work on different operating systems with different attack vectors.

In Private, #CIA Commented How Most Americans Would Be Surprised at Similarities Between U.S. and Soviet Propaganda

Why Does North Korea Want Nuclear Weapons?

Ron Paul: Trump Meets Putin – Who Has the Upper Hand?

Trump Putin Meeting Hysteria, Banks Go Blockchain & Jobs Report

Putin Tells Trump to Name Names of the Deep State, or He Will

CNN’s Threat To Dox Maker Of Trump Meme Likely Illegal

Ron Paul Predicts Stock Market Will Collapse in the Next 3 Months

Russia to Launch the Brightest “star” in the Sky this July 14, 2017

Full List of UN #NuclearBan Countries (blank = refused to enter the negotiation) Reveals US, Russian, French, UK, etc. Nuclear Supplicants

Full Doc: US, UK and France Response to 120 Nation Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty  See @nuclearban for more

How Does a US Secretary of State Prepare for the #G20? 70 Emails from Hillary Clinton’s Account

The Biometric Frontier: “Show Me Your Papers” Becomes “Open Your Eyes” as Border Sheriffs Expand Iris Surveillance

Someone Found All CNN Advertisers, Posted It on Reddit to Boycott Advertisers

The Secret to Easy Math, Egyptians Used, Computer Programmers Use

Unseen Email & Chat Platform, No Longer Providing Free Accounts

What is #UNRIG? An Initiative for Unrigging the USA System to Restore Integrity and Truth to Governance

Major Conspiracy Underway to Take Down the American Republic

Secret Agents of Deep State

Chevy Chase Talks About SNL Liberal Agenda

CNN May Be Toast, But The Globalists Are Doubling Down

Rachel Maddow’s Exclusive “Scoop” About a Fake NSA Document Raises Several Key Questions

“Mitigation Strategies for FEMA Command, Control, and Communications during and after a Solar Superstorm”

What Happened in 1859, DeepState Is Planning For Today: Carrington-Hodgson Solar Storm Event  Predictions: 4-10 Years to restore potential power outages. May 1921 Geomagnetic Storm  In 1921 the USA Enacted ‘The Emergency (Immigration) Quota Act’

Treaty of Berlin 1921  The First World War ends for the United States in August of 1921 when the U.S. and Germany signed the Treaty of Berlin. This treaty was necessary as the United States did not ratify the 1919 Treaty of Versailles due to concerns over the creation of the League of Nations. The new treaty conferred all of the same rights and conditions as the Treaty of Versailles, but left out any mention of the League of Nations. The Treaty of Berlin was later ratified in October by the U.S. and November by Germany when it became effective. 1921 is also when Adolf Hitler became Chairman of the Nazi Party in his rise to power and prominence in Germany.

Federal Reserve Secret Held From the Public and How to Survive Their “Planned Event”

Goldman Sachs Analyst: Bitcoin Could Soon Hit $4,000

Time for a New Gold Standard for Asia

The Gold Revolution

The Gold Standard Explained

Palestinian/ Israeli 7/07/2017..Egypt and Hamas are Collaborating on Border Security

Concept for a Post-Western Economic-Engineering Paradigm: How Putin-Modi and Xi-Trump Can Save Humanity with Open Source Everything Engineering

Chicago’s Terrible New Plan to Force High School Kids Into the Military

Mexican Prison Riot Claims Heavy Death Toll

First Syrian Refugees Arrive in France Under Deal with Christian NGOs

Qatar Crisis: Arab Countries Vow New Sanctions Against ‘Hostile’ Doha

‘Resolutely Opposed’: China Fumes After US Supersonic Bombers Fly over Disputed S. China Sea

NYPD Attempts to Block Surveillance Transparency Law With Misinformation

After 1,379 Days, NYT Corrects Bogus Claim Iran ‘Sponsored’ 9/11

Conservatives and NRA Silent as Trump Sends in Feds for Chicago Gun Grab

London is a ‘modern day slavery hotspot’: Building Sites, Restaurants and Hotels are Using ‘forced labour’, Police Chief Warns

Loretta Lynch Denies Colluding With Clinton Camp Despite Super Obviously Doing So

DEA Allowed Criminal Cops to Build Their Own Drug Empires for Over a Decade

Secret Space Program Revelation: Mars Is Colonized

10 Strongest Evidence Extra-Terrestials Exist and Visit Earth

The Translated Russian ‘Secret Book Of Alien Races A.R.B”

Beneficial Uses of Backyard Lavendar Plants

Awakening, The Quintessence of Reunion #Unanimous

Tiny Houses Under $1,000

Total Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017, Make a DYI Pinhole Projector for Watching

Severe Dengue and Zika Outbreak in Flood-stricken Peru

June US Climate

EM Waves and Polarization

Earthquake M5.6 – 111km E of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia 2017-07-08 07:27:35 UTC 10.0 km depth

EM Polarization, Hurricane Expected | Space Weather News 8 July 2017

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