12 July 2017

How To Help Save Net Neutrality

How to Save America, And Our Lives, Before It’s Too Late with Catherine Austin-Fitts | SGT Reports

As Momentum Grows to Remove Brazil’s President, New Pressure Campaign Sparks Rage

Emboldened by Trump, U.S. Border Officials Are Lying to Asylum Seekers and Turning Them Away

Australian Special Forces Killed Afghan Children, Tried to Cover It Up

Darkness in Gaza as Last Power Plant Shuts Down

Rogue Money Report with Bix Weir

Kim Jong Un’s Wife Came Out of Hiding to Celebrate North Korea’s Missile Test

Unanimous – Praises, O Rex Gloriae

Large Landslide Hits Arunachal Pradesh

SPHERE’s 1st Planet

Birth of Solar Systems

Earthquake M5.9 – 180km ESE of Hoemul-li, North Korea 2017-07-12 19:48:08 UTC 559.1 km depth
Earthquake M5.5 – 73km W of Constitucion, Chile 2017-07-12 09:08:17 UTC 10.0 km depth

Stealth CME, Exoplanets, Vesuvius on Fire | Space Weather News 12 July 2017

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